A Series Of Articles That Will Transform
You Into A Lean, Strong Riding Machine.

Originally published in Eclectic Horseman Magazine

EquiBalance with Julie Leiken

  The equation of riding seems deceptively simple on first glance. Take one horse, add one rider, put them together and you are supposed to get harmonious, magical movement, right?
  EquiBalance Part 2: Magnets

Do you have trouble keeping your horse straight between your legs? Does he feel like he falls one way or the other all the time? When you ride with an instructor, are they constantly trying to fix your leg position?

  EquiBalance: Feet Are the Base You Stand On
  We are starting with the feet, because they are the base of everything, the support that you stand on. I am going to demonstrate a series of exercises to encourage movement in your feet and ankles, strengthen your arch and help you find balance over your feet.
  EquiBalance Part 3: Bolts
  In this installment we will use the idea of two sets of bolts to help you learn to sit evenly in the saddle.

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