About EquiBalance™  
  EquiBalance™ is a unique blend of multiple disciplines including Pilates and equitation, coordinated to elevate your self awareness both mentally and physically to improve your riding, and your health.

EquiBalance™ philosophy is simple: A well conditioned animal and a well conditioned rider will provide the physical foundation to build an excellent relationship between you and your horse.

We spend so much time conditioning our horses bodies, but what about our own bodies? If we are crooked in our body, how can we ask our horse to learn to be straight? With EquiBalance™ the answers become clear, enabling riders to make better connections with their own bodies, and thus improved connections with their horses.


How Does EquiBalance™ Benefit Riders?
  – Improved flexibility, strength, and coordination
– Creates a more balanced body
– Increases body awareness
– Improves posture
– Allows the rider to learn movement needed for riding off the horse
– Beneficial no matter what type of riding you do
EquiBalance™ Clinics

Discover EquiBalance™ today! We offer a wide array of class structures, from personal 1-on-1 instruction, to 2-3 day clinics. We are available to travel to your location, and we can promise you will feel a positive change immediately.

– Personal & Group Pilates Classes
– Certified Instruction
– Riding Instruction Related to Pilates
– Personal Assessments
– Specific Exercises to Address Individual Issues
– We Can Travel to Your Barn!
– Group Rates Available

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